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Baressaygraders was not only founded by practicing attorneys from top law schools, such as USC, but all four founders are first time passers of the California Bar Exam.

Why is this important? The alternative is having your essays being graded by either non-practicing attorneys or attorneys who last took the California Bar Exam when you were still in grade school.

A New & Improved Way of Essay Preparation was founded by attorneys who were frustrated by the amount of feedback offered by the leading bar preparation program on the essay portion of the California bar exam. The idea that without constant practice and proper feedback the difficulty of improving your score on the essay portion of the exam rises exponentially is the foundation by which was founded. Thus, has assembled a high-caliber team of first time bar passers who’ve been rigorously trained in the arts of bar essay grading. Their intention is simple; provide a roadmap for you to pass the California bar exam on your first try by grading your essay exams and providing timely and helpful feedback on your essay exams.

Our expert graders are

Practicing attorneys at major firms in Southern California.

First time passers of the California Bar Exam.

Recent examinees (3 years) who know what feedback you need to hear.

Graduates of a rigorous training process to ensure the accuracy of your scores and quality of your feedback.

Fully trained on the ins and outs of the entire grading process by hired consultants who were actual California Bar Examination graders.

Your Career Awaits You

Youve spent tens of thousands of dollars on your education.В Hundreds of hours studying. And this is only the beginning. Your whole career awaits you. Why jeopardize the start of your career by leaving the outcome of the most important test of your educational life to chance? provides the expert guidance, support and insight that stacks the odds in your favor.В If you take your career as serious as we take our own, is the single best choice to augment your California bar exam preparation.

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